5 Tips for Choosing the Billigste Strøm Provider

Have you been struggling with a high electricity bill for a while now? You’re not alone. People all across Norway are experiencing the same thing. In fact, we can safely say that they have been shocked with the surges in the prices, and everyone has started making changes in their habits, as talked about on this page, hoping to lower the bills.

If you are having the same issues as well, chances are that you’ve tried changing some of your habits as well. But, at one point or another, you have realized that you need to take a sort of a more drastic measure in order to actually see an improvement on those bills. Put simply, you’ve decided to change providers, thinking that this will resolve your problem and reduce those bills at least a bit. And, you might just be right.

The truth is that you could find providers offering the billigste strøm in Norway, and that could undeniably affect your bills and make you feel a lot happier about how much you’re paying for electricity. So, the idea to change providers is undoubtedly a smart one, but just as long as you make the right changes. In other words, just as long as you choose the right provider – the one that will offer those cheap solutions.

If you’ve never had to make such changes in the past, there is a great chance that you are a bit confused about how to actually do it all. Put differently, you don’t know how to choose the perfect provider, and that has to change. After all, if you’re going to make a change, you want it to be a change for the better, which is why learning more about how to actually select the right electricity company for you in Norway is a must. And, below I’ll share the tips that will take you there.

Here is your energy bill explained, in case it is confusing you:

  • Check With Other People

The great thing about electricity is that everyone uses it. This is a great thing in this case because it means you will have people to talk to about your intentions to change providers, and you will be able to get some recommendations from them. Those recommendations could prove to be highly useful, as the people around you may be aware of some of the amazing providers that offer those cheap solutions. So, take as much time as you need to talk to those other people and hear their suggestions out. But, don’t jump right towards switching to the providers they recommend, and do your own, more detailed, research instead.

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  • Find Options Online

In addition to talking to those people around you, there is another important step you can take when aiming at finding out which companies operate on the energy market in Norway. Chances are you are not familiar with all of them. The Internet will, of course, help you become familiar with them. This is because all of the great providers are online these days. You will get to check out their websites, as well as find some relevant information on those sites and through other online sources as well. Since your goal is to find the cheapest solution for you, checking for the information online will help you immediately eliminate options that are too expensive from your list of potential ones. This is a rather important step that you should never skip, because online research could lead you towards finding out everything you need to know about particular providers before choosing one.

  • Check the Type of the Price Offered

One of the things to do when researching the providers is check the types of prices they offer. As you may know already, some of them will offer fixed fees, and then some will offer the spot price, which is the same price you would get on the Nord Pool. You may think that the fixed price is more favorable, given that the spot price fluctuates, but the truth is that you could save more in the long run with the spot solution. This, of course, depends on where you live and on your specific consumption habits, so make sure to take all of that into account when trying to make this choice.

  • Compare All the Fees

Choosing the type of the price is not enough to choose your provider. Since your goal is to get the billigste strøm contract, you will need to dig a bit deeper as well. In short, you will need to check and compare all of the fees and surcharges added by different providers to the actual electricity price. This could take some time, but it is one of the crucial things to do if you want to get the cheapest solutions, and you most certainly do.

  • Choose

If you have taken the time to compare everything, and specifically all the fees, you will probably be ready to make your choice. Go over all the information once again and double check everything, so as to be sure that you’re choosing wisely. And, once you’re sure that you’re making a good choice, feel free to contact the new provider you want to work with and enter into a brand new agreement that will result in lower electricity bills.

Bonus: You Can Do These Things to Lower Your Bill Too

When looking to lower the bills, though, you should remember that there are things you can do at home to make that happen. Sure, changing the providers is the most significant thing to do, but there are also some small changes you can make in your habits for these purposes. For example, you can make sure that the lights are always turned off in rooms that aren’t being used, and then you can also make a plan to use less hot water. Buying energy efficient appliances can also help, and so can using your dishwasher instead of actually washing the dishes manually. Investing in energy efficient light bulbs can be a good step towards lowering the bill as well, so remember to make those small changes for a big impact.


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