Best South Indian Restaurants in Chandigarh That Will Make Your Taste Buds Drooling

Are you craving South Indian flavours in Chandigarh? No worries! The city has a variety of authentic South Indian restaurants waiting for you. And when it comes to Indian cuisine, dosas and idlis are a must-mention, right? So why not explore a South Indian restaurant in Chandigarh? Besides its beauty, the city is also renowned for its vibrant food culture. Being in Chandigarh and not tasting different cuisines would be a missed opportunity, and you would regret it in future. That’s why, here we’ve rounded up some famous South Indian restaurants in Chandigarh for those who yearn for South Indian delights!

Explore South Indian Restaurants In Chandigarh

#1 Sundarams

Sundaram Chandigarh is famous for real and authentic South Indian food. It started when a couple from Tamil Nadu turned their hobby into a business. Inside, their ambience is cosy with old Bollywood songs and friendly staff. You must try their masala ghee roast and Mysore masala dosa, which are incredibly, very tasty! And don’t forget their yummy rice, papad and rasam!

#2 Shri Rathnam

Shri Rathnam is known as the best South Indian restaurant in Chandigarh because their food is really unique and tasty. People who have tried it online say it’s the best. Even though they’re famous for South Indian food, they also serve North Indian dishes that are all vegetarian. They have branches in places like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. So to taste the authentic South-Indian flavours, head over to this place now!

#3 Sankalp

Sankalp in Sector 26 is a well-known South Indian restaurant in Chandigarh serving authentic flavours. The staff is quick and helpful, always ready to assist with the menu. The most-recommended dishes include plain dosa, rava masala dosa, Kara Mura dosa and dahi vada. They offer a variety of South Indian chutneys, and you can enjoy unlimited refills of their tasty sambar. So, go and try it!

#4 Karthik Restaurant 

You’ll find Karthik, a delightful South Indian restaurant in Chandigarh. They’re known for their scrumptious dosas, and their dosa platter is a real treat. For fans of South Indian cuisine, Karthik is a blessing, as their food isn’t pricey but is incredibly tasty. When you visit, make sure to sample their chilli idli, rava dosa, and masala dosa – they’re fantastic. And to round off your meal, don’t miss their hot filter coffee, which is the best among the others.

#5 Sagar Ratna

Sagar Ratna, one of the best South Indian restaurants in Chandigarh, holds a special place in the heart of people. With branches spread across Tricity, it’s a popular destination with locations in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, and Zirakpur. The three Chandigarh outlets include Sector 17, Sector 35, and Elante Mall. Apart from South Indian, you can relish North Indian and Chinese cuisine as well. The restaurant promises a comfortable dining experience with polite staff and prompt service. Being purely vegetarian, they customise dishes upon request. Must-try dishes encompass rasam rice, Dahi vada, rice idli, vegetable uttapam, and butter masala dosa. Don’t miss their popular offerings like Rava Onion Dosa, diverse chutneys, and delectable desserts like Rava Kesari and Kulfi falooda.

#6 The Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee House is famous for its delicious and affordable menu. It has a special and friendly atmosphere that you won’t find in other places. People from all walks of life come here to try their keema omelette and mutton dosa. Their cold coffee and Roohafza milk are also really popular choices. So, when you are in Chandigarh, don’t hesitate to visit this place.

#7 Shree Dakshin

Located in Sector 26, Chandigarh, Shree Dakshin is a popular South Indian restaurant. To avoid confusion, it’s sometimes referred to as Shree Dakshin Sankalp Vegetarian Restaurant due to its previous name. It offers a blend of authentic South Indian cuisine with innovative modern twists. Also, it provides both à la carte and buffet options, catering to individual preferences. So, when you visit Shree Dakshin, expect an all-vegetarian South Indian menu with creative modern influences. This fusion hub merges authentic South Indian flavours with Italian, continental, and North Indian cuisines. Also, must-try cheese and corn dosas or pizza uttapams. With a professional staff and an upscale dining experience, Shree Dakshin guarantees prompt service and top-notch quality. It’s a reliable choice for family dining in the city. Their menu offers a modern twist with South Indian classics, featuring dishes like cheese corn dosa, Malabari parotta, pizza uttapam, and vegetable pulao.

#8 Chennai Chef

The Chennai Chef has gained a lot of popularity in the list of South Indian restaurants in Chandigarh. And it is mainly due to its standout rava masala dosa. For a perfect pairing, enjoy it with an ice-cold Mountain Dew. What’s the best part is the tomato and coconut chutneys they serve, which beautifully enhance the flavours of their delectable sambar. The dosas they serve are consistently satisfying with their hot and crispy texture. Do check out this place, especially if you are out with your friends or on movie night. 

#9 Madras Cafe

Here, we are not talking about a movie but a wonderful South Indian restaurant in Chandigarh. This place is popular for its incredibly tasty dosas at budget-friendly prices. Also, the food quality is top-notch, and in parking, the wheelchair is accessible. You’ll also find the best honey cauliflower, French fries, Manchurian, and masala Chaap, along with fantastic sambar and vada pav. With a welcoming ambience, it’s perfect for gatherings with friends and family. 

#10 Kamats Restaurant 

Undoubtedly Kamats is one of the most elegant South Indian restaurants in Chandigarh that you’ll encounter. Its exquisite ambience and South-Indian food quality is exceptional. You’ll adore their shahi paneer, honey chilli cauliflowers, crisp vada dosa, vada pav, and sambar. If you are here, then you must try the coconut chutney and extra tamarind chutney. Highly recommended for family lunches and romantic dinner dates, this place is a must-visit.

Final Thoughts 

These are the top South Indian restaurants in Chandigarh, offering delectable food to residents and visitors. Share your thoughts on this list mentioned above, and for utmost convenience, order food online from Swiggy. 


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