Everything about the PTE Exam Syllabus

Studying and working abroad is a dream for many. It opens multiple doors of opportunities that may not be available in our home country. However, there are also many stages one needs to conquer before moving out. One such major step is clearing the Pearson Test of English (PTE). 

PTE isn’t merely an English proficiency test; rather, it’s your ticket to a world of global opportunities. But before you embark on this journey, it’s crucial to grasp the essence of the PTE Exam Syllabus. 

Whether you’re enrolled in PTE online coaching classes or not, this guide will help you understand the syllabus of PTE and also give a few tips to ensure success. So, keep reading-

What is PTE?

Picture this: PTE, also known as the Pearson Test of English, stands tall as a linguistic prowess evaluation that delves into your adeptness in wielding the English language across the realms of academia and the professional sphere. This test, a veritable beacon of linguistic scrutiny, unveils your English language finesse with a finesse of its own! 

Unlike traditional paper-based tests, PTE is a computer-based exam, meaning you’ll interact with a computer throughout the test. Its unique format and global recognition make it a preferred choice for many individuals seeking to prove their English proficiency.

PTE scores are acceptable by universities, colleges, governments, and employers worldwide. This recognition opens doors to studying abroad, securing visas, and enhancing your career prospects globally.

The Four Sections of PTE

If you’ve paid PTE exam fees in Australia, now the next step is to understand its syllabus and direct your preparations towards achieving high scores. Let’s break down the PTE exam into its four main sections to give you a clear understanding of what to expect.


Describe Image

In the “Describe Image” task, you will see an image or a graph. Your challenge is to describe it in a structured manner, touching upon key points and trends. It tests your ability to convey information clearly and coherently.

Read Aloud

“Read Aloud” is all about your pronunciation and fluency. You’ll have a short text, and you must read it aloud. Here, the examiners will evaluate your tone, pronunciation, and fluency. PTE online coaching classes can help you achieve the right tone and pronunciation to ace this section.

Repeat Sentence

This task checks your ability to understand and reproduce spoken English. You’ll hear a sentence, and your task is to repeat it accurately. It measures your listening and speaking skills.


Summarise Written Text

In the “Summarise Written Text” task, you’ll see a passage, and your job is to condense it into a concise summary. It evaluates your reading and writing abilities.

Essay Writing

“Essay Writing” assesses your ability to construct and express your thoughts in written form. You’ll find a topic, and you must write an essay with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.

Reorder Paragraphs

In this task, you’ll find a jumbled paragraph. Your task is to rearrange the sentences to form a coherent passage. It evaluates your understanding of logical sequencing.


Multiple-Choice, Choose Single Answer

In this task, you’ll read a passage and answer a multiple-choice question. The examiner tests your ability to comprehend the text and select the correct answer.

Fill in the Blanks

“Fill in the Blanks” assesses your ability to understand the context of a passage. You’ll need to fill in the missing words to complete the text.

Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers

Similar to the first reading task, but this time, you’ll select multiple correct answers from the options provided. This evaluates your comprehension skills.


Summarise Spoken Text

In this task, you’ll listen to a spoken passage and summarise it in a written form. It assesses your listening and writing abilities.

Fill in the Blanks (Listening)

Here, you’ll listen to an audio clip with gaps in the transcript. Your task is to fill in the missing words. It tests your listening and vocabulary skills.

Highlight Correct Summary

You’ll listen to an audio passage and then select the summary of the content. This task checks your listening and summarisation skills.

Scoring System

Since you have paid PTE exam fees in Australia and understood the syllabus, now it’s time to understand the scoring system. It is essential for achieving your target score.


Content refers to the relevance and completeness of your responses. Ensure your answers address the task requirements comprehensively.

Oral fluency

Oral fluency evaluates the smoothness and flow of your speech. Practice diction and maintain a steady pace.


Accurate pronunciation is crucial. Work on articulating words clearly to improve your score in this category.

Tips for Success

Achieving success in the PTE exam requires a strategic approach.

Improve your speaking and listening skills. Explore techniques to enhance your speaking and listening abilities, which are essential for several sections.

Effective note-taking techniques

Learn how effective note-taking can help you organise your thoughts and responses.

Stay calm under pressure

Discover strategies to stay composed and focused during the exam, even when facing challenging tasks.

Enroll in PTE Classes

PTE online coaching can help you provide a better understanding of the syllabus and ensure that you score well. 

Wrapping Up

As we conclude this comprehensive guide, remember that success in the PTE exam is not a destination but a journey. Stay dedicated, keep practising, and soon, you’ll celebrate your PTE victory. Best of luck on your path to English language proficiency!

If you are looking for PTE online coaching classes, contact EnglishWise. We boast of the highest success rate in Australia for both PTE and OTE. We coach aspirants through AI software that provides instant scores and helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses.


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