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Insider’s Guide: How I Made ₹20,00,000 with Online Horse Racing in Sports Betting Exchange!

Welcome to the insider’s guide, where we are delighted to disclose how one of our players made ₹20,00,00 with online horse racing on a betting exchange and how you can do the same. Here, we will discuss the identical strategies that players utilize to acquire that large sum of money. First and foremost, you must understand that this does not happen overnight; it requires months of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the game. Strategies make it easier to win the game, but they demand daily practice and ongoing learning of the game. So make sure you read the entire blog because we are going to reveal some amazing secrets that will make you the next great winner.

Insider’s Guide To Make Big Money In Horse Betting 

Choosing the Right Platform

The first step in starting a successful betting journey is to choose the right betting exchange platform. With numerous possibilities available on the internet, there is one platform that is attracting betting enthusiasts from all over India, and its name is Khelostar. Khelostar has established itself as a market leader among online exchange betting sites. With access to over 3000+ betting exchange games, Khelostar boasts the best user interface, assisting thousands of players every day in winning large. It is easily accessible, and players can play their favorite games at any time from the comfort of their own homes. So if you are looking for a legitimate and reputable platform to play betting games then our website is the one. 

Understanding the Basics

Before placing a single bet, be sure you understand everything there is to know about horse betting. To excel in online horse betting, you must first understand the fundamentals of the game. Many players confuse this straightforward process and form incorrect assumptions about how the game operates. The game’s principles are simple: choose a horse event based on your spare time; there are over fifty events available on the Khelostar. In a given event, 12 to 14 horses compete for the winning position, and the player must wager on the winning horse.

For example, if you bet on horse number 10 and it finishes first, your investment will be doubled or tripled, depending on the game’s odds.

In some events, there is a Show Bets option, which requires the player to wager on the horse that will finish in any of the first three spots. The order of each position is irrelevant as long as the horse finishes in the first three winning spots. For example, if you bet on horse number five and it wins one of the first three winning places, you will win money. As simple as that. The rules of each game are clearly written on our website Khelostar for you to see. 

Start With a Paper Bets

Paper bets are a simple technique that many newcomers utilize to become familiar with the game’s fundamentals and gain an understanding of how it initially worked. If you are a beginning player and do not want to play for real money, paper bets are the best alternative until you gain comfort in the game. In this case, all you have to do is use your tactics to forecast the winning horse and bet on it on paper rather than with real money, so even if your bet fails, you will not lose any money. You can practice this method for several weeks or until you feel confident enough to place real money bets on a betting exchange.

Place Bets on Multiple Horse Events

Betting on numerous events instead of a single event increases your chances of winning and reduces your losses. This is a strategy that many professional players employ to secure victory in several events. When you bet on a single event and it fails, the player loses his entire investment; but, when you bet on numerous events, if one of the bets fails, you may be able to recoup all of your money from the other bets. 

Research and Analysis

Armed with a strong understanding of the necessary previous performances to make a winning bet. Analyze horse performance, analyzing jockeys and trainers, and make an informed betting selection. Attempt to obtain insider information that can influence the performance of the horse or the player. Bad track conditions and weather can have an impact on the performance of a certain horse and player. Arm yourself with this type of information ahead of time, as it can help you make a winning bet. 

In the fast-paced world of horse racing, keeping up with the newest news was critical. Injuries, jockey changes, and even weather factors can have a big impact on race results. Regularly checking news sources and being connected with the racing community kept me informed before placing any bets. Aside from anecdotal evidence, use data analysis and statistics into the decision-making process. Historical performance data, trends, and statistical models became useful tools for forecasting race results. This data-driven approach brought objectivity to betting strategy. 

In play Betting

Beforehand betting strategies do not always work, so instead of worrying about losing, utilize an in-play betting plan. This approach entailed altering bets during a race as the odds changed. By remaining watchful and adjusting to changing situations, you can optimize earnings chances. To learn this approach, the player must watch live events and be prepared to make fast modifications as needed. This is one method for recovering losses if your strategy fails. 

Avoid making same mistake

Making mistakes in the betting game is part of the learning process, but repeating them will have an impact on your learning method. The easiest way to avoid it is to take your own notes and devise a method that works specifically for you. Take notes on what you did incorrectly that cost you the game, and try to figure out a remedy. So the next time you play the game, you’ll know what to do and what not to do. Some players may not comprehend the worth of this process, which ultimately costs them a lot of money. So make sure you’re not repeating this error.

Responsible Gaming

In the search of profitability, responsible gaming procedures were unavoidable. Put firm limitations on how much you are willing to bet and determine a threshold for tolerable losses. This rigorous approach reduced impulsive behavior and maintained a balanced risk-reward balance. Vigilance in recognizing the indicators of gambling addiction was essential. It is critical to notice when betting habits progress beyond entertainment and into potential addiction. Seeking competent assistance and taking early steps to resolve any concerns meant that your introduction into sports betting remained a safe and pleasurable experience. Schedule yourself with a proper time and stay true to it. 


This insider’s guide provides a road map for starting a career in betting and making a lot of money with horse race betting exchanges. Making Rs 20,00,000 from a single game isn’t for everyone, but it’s not as difficult as you may imagine. Anyone can reach this aim by constant study and daily practice. To win the game, all you need is dedication and the tactics outlined in the blog above. Start believing in yourself, play games on a daily basis, and one day you will be successful.

Khelostar is India’s most popular site for horse betting exchange games. You may play casino games online and gain access to over 3000 sports betting and online casino games. You can use your smartphone to access our website and play your favorite game at any time. Khelostar is a licensed platform serving players in India for years. With thousands of happy customers from all over India, our website is the best platform on the internet. 


Q.1. How did you earn ₹20,00,000 through online horse racing and What platform did you use?

Ans: The guide highlights the journey to ₹20,00,000, and the preferred platform is Khelostar, known for its extensive betting exchange games and user-friendly interface.

Q.2. I am not confident about my strategies, what should I do? 

Ans: Instead of playing the game with real money, you can use paper bets until you get enough confidence in your strategy to play with real money. 

Q.3. Why do many players struggle in horse betting?

Ans: The players think that knowing the basics is the only requirement to win the game but in reality it takes more than that. The insider guide that we share above is the key. 

Q.4 What role does study and analysis play in placing successful horse racing bets?

Ans: Research and analysis, such as studying horse performance, jockey and trainer statistics, and acquiring insider information, are emphasized as essential for making sound betting judgments.


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