Pre-Approved Personal Loan: Check Eligibility & Benefits

We are often taught the significance of money while growing up and how it helps to live a comfortable life. Having enough money to fund your long-awaited vacation, buy your dream car, or manage a sudden medical bill is the ultimate goal. But life is an unpredictable journey, and sometimes you find yourself not having enough cash when you most need it. In times like these, you can always rely on pre-approved loans, also known as personal loans.

Instant personal loans are financial tools that offer an easy and quick solution to meet your sudden cash needs. So, now you do not need to deprive yourself of all your aspirations and goals. Read this article to learn more about pre-approved cash loans and their advantages.

Understanding Pre-Approved Personal Loans

The term “pre-approved” means that the lender has already evaluated your creditworthiness and determined that you satisfy their requirements for loans. In such a case, the lender sends you an offer to apply for a cash loan with pre-set terms and conditions.

A pre-approved personal loan is a type of loan that banks and lending institutions offer to those who meet certain eligibility requirements. Also known as instant personal loans, these financial products cater to fast and hassle-free money needs.

How Do Instant Personal Loans Work?

Personal loans enable borrowers to obtain cash instantly and securely by speeding up the application and approval process. Here is a detailed explanation of how these loans typically work:

Check Your Eligibility

The lender determines your creditworthiness based on your credit rating, income, and credit history. Check with your lending institution or bank if you are eligible for a pre-approved loan.

Review the Offer

If you meet all requirements, the lender will send you a loan offer with all the necessary information. It includes the loan amount, repayment tenure, and interest rate. Go through the information to see if it aligns with your financial needs.

Accept the Offer and Apply

If you are satisfied with the proposal, you can accept the personal loan offer and start the application process. Since the lender has already evaluated your credibility, they will ask for minimal documentation.

Verification, Approval, and Disbursal

Once you have been verified, you can submit the loan application. It will get approved by the lender, and the amount will be reflected in your account within a few hours.

Who is Eligible for Instant Personal Loans?

Any person who meets the specific eligibility criteria of the particular lender is eligible for a personal loan. Here are certain standard requirements that must be met:

Credit Score

A credit score of above 750 is considered good and enhances your chances of loan approval.

Income Stability

Lenders consider your income stability as it helps them assess whether or not you will be able to repay the loan amount.

Repayment History

You must also showcase a clean credit history of timely repayments of previous loans and credit card bills.

Why Should You Apply for Instant Personal Loans?

Personal loans are the quickest and easiest way to get the cash you need in emergencies or for last-minute payments. The following benefits will assist you in understanding their significance:

Quick Access to Funds

These cash loans live up to their name by providing you with quick access to money. Because of how quickly instant loans are approved, you can get your money in just a few hours or days.


The application process for instant loans saves you significant time as it can be completed online through a mobile app.

Minimal Documentation

Unlike traditional loans, instant personal loans only require basic identity and income proof.  This makes the application process much quicker and more convenient.

Lower Interest Rates

If you have a good credit history, you can benefit from reasonable interest rates on such loans. Compared to other types of lending options, this may lead to cheaper borrowing costs.


You can freely use the loan amount to pay for various expenses, including education, home renovation, vacation, or debt consolidation.

Summed Up

Instant personal loans are a hassle-free and efficient way to deal with urgent money requirements. So even if your salary is not enough to help you meet your financial needs, you have a reliable option to do so.

Now, if you are wondering where you can obtain such a loan, fret not; check out the True Balance personal loan app, a trusted Indian lending platform. True Balance’s personal loan apply online feature lets you avail of instant loans quickly and efficiently. This app lets you pick a loan amount and repayment tenure of your choice so you can plan your budget accordingly. It evaluates your creditworthiness and offers affordable interest rates. And since True Balance puts a high priority on user data privacy and security, you can trust them as your financial partner.


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