The Best Money-Earning Games in 2023 (& Beyond)

Money-earning games have evolved over the years and transformed into a vast market. These games have flooded the Google Play Store and App Store. Hence, picking a game application offering lucrative cash rewards is daunting. Let’s walk you through the following compiled list of the top money-earning games in 2023 and beyond.


Qureka is a live trivia game with knowledge, fun, and entertainment. The platform has live quiz show games where you can compete and challenge other players and win real cash prizes. The app offers brainstorming quiz shows, daily quiz games, and real money-earning games. These games are available in diverse topics and formats. This is one of the most intuitive and fun cash games you can participate in. Choose your preferred quizzes, such as exam prep, hourly, cricket, etc. You can transfer the winning amount into your Paytm account. Hence, ensure you have a PayTM account.


MPL is India’s top gaming platform where you can earn real cash prizes. The app provides gaming enthusiasts with 60+ cash-earning games from diverse genres, such as arcade games, card games, puzzle games, fantasy sports, etc. The app offers free practice matches to help newbies become experts in their preferred games. Also, the platform provides daily cash contests and tournaments where you can participate and win to earn money. The money you have made can be withdrawn instantly via bank transfer, UPI, or PayTM.

Some of the app games that pay real money are:

  • Rummy – It is a fun card game that is easy for beginners to start. The rules are simple, and successfully melding thirteen cards means you will earn cash prizes. You must be the first player to make the declaration. 
  • Poker – Another fun card game that is thrilling and exciting. It is one of the most popular money-earning games on MPL. Learn the rules and participate in tournaments to start earning money. 
  • Ludo – It is a fun board game that can be played online on MPL. The platform offers fun variations of Ludo with Ludo Dice, Ludo 2 Dice, and Ludo Win. The objective is to capture the opponent’s tokens, stop them from reaching the finish line and score the highest. 
  • Opinio – It is an opinion-based game where you have to answer questions on actual events. If your opinion is correct, you win money. The questions are based on cricket, award shows, crypto, movies, TV show numbers, etc. Besides these, you can play Bubble Shooter, Carrom, Call Break, Teen Patti, and Speed Chess. All the games have free practice matches, so you can master the rules and then participate in tournaments to win cash rewards.


Winzy is an excellent application for playing quiz and trivia games. The questions for the trivia game range from science, sports, history, and more. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store, and you can play cash games to win discount coupons and PayTM cash. Also, the platform holds regular events like Flash Play. Here, gamers can win exciting prizes.


Striker is an online-fantasy platform where you can engage in an advanced version of fantasy cricket. Players must create fantasy cricket teams to win cash prizes. Also, you can trade player cards to earn money from the marketplace. Striker is different from other fantasy cricket applications. On the Striker application, users get player cards instead of players. The virtual cricket team consists of five player cards instead of eleven players. Also, the marketplace separates Striker from other apps because you can buy, sell or rent player cards to win cash.

Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is one of the most popular money-earning games and the perfect solution for bingo lovers. The application offers a fun twist to the classic bingo game. You can create avatars and compete against online players worldwide. Also, the app features unique boosters that can help increase your earning potential. The winners get exciting cash rewards and other rewards.


GameGully is a fun game-earning application where you can play games to win money. The application offers exciting and fun games to keep players engaged. Some fun games you can play to earn money are Brain On, Gully Runner, Bubble Shooter, Bowling Striker, Soccer 2D, and Basketball.


Zupee is a unique real-money earning app that combines the excitement of answering quiz questions with the charm of winning real cash. The game is rooted in testing your knowledge, and trivia enthusiasts and casual gamers highly like the application. If you excel in quizzes, you can win monetary rewards. The app offers an instant withdrawal feature, allowing winners to quickly transfer their earnings to their digital wallets or bank accounts. Zupee is known for its wide selection of quiz categories. Whether you are a sports aficionado, cinephile, or general knowledge expert, there is likely a quiz that caters to your specific interests. The app even allows customization so that players can find challenges resonating with them. On the app, you are pitting your wits against a system and competing against real opponents worldwide. It is this competitive dimension of the app that adds to the thrill and excitement of the game. The app turns quizzes into a nail-biting affair, and you can earn money while testing your wit.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best money-earning games in 2023 and beyond. These games coffee the right combination of entertainment, excitement, and earning opportunities.


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