The Role of Music and Dance in Guwahati’s Wedding Festivals

Weddings are a time of joy and celebration, and nowhere is this more evident than in the beautiful city of Guwahati, located in the northeastern state of Assam, India. Guwahati’s wedding festivals are a colourful display of tradition, and the two fundamental components of these celebrations are music and dancing.

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Let’s explore how these lively music and dance play a central role in making Guwahati weddings truly memorable occasions.

Music – The Soul of Celebrations

In Guwahati, music occupies a special place in the hearts of its people. During wedding festivals, music becomes the soul of the celebrations, filling the air with melodies that resonate with joy and happiness. Traditional musical instruments like the dhol (drum), pepa (hornpipe), and taal (cymbals) bring a unique rhythm to the festivities, making everyone dance to the beat of their hearts.

Bihu Dance – The Graceful Expression of Love

The Bihu dance is the pride of Assam and an indispensable part of Guwahati weddings. This graceful folk dance expresses the joy of love, fertility, and abundance. Dressed in vibrant traditional attire, men and women perform the Bihu dance with swift movements and elegant gestures. The dance forms a bond between family members and adds an extra layer of charm to the wedding festivities.

The Jhumur – Dancing in Harmony with Nature 

Another exciting dance form seen in Guwahati weddings is the Jhumur dance. It comes from the tea gardens of Assam and celebrates the bond between people and nature. The dancers move gracefully to the lovely music, showing their love for their home and togetherness. This rhytmic and pleasant dance attracts the audience without fail.

Folk Songs – Tales of Love and Tradition

Folk songs hold a special significance in Guwahati wedding celebrations.These songs tell stories about love, bravery, and the cultural history of the region. They are sung in beautiful voices and make people feel nostalgic. Moreover, these songs also bring generations together, as they all appreciate and enjoy the traditions they represent.

Participation and Togetherness

Music and dance in Guwahati weddings are not just about the performers, they encourage active participation from everyone present. The festivities are shared by family, friends, and visitors and it creates an atmosphere of togetherness and celebration. This sense of togetherness builds relationships and develops a sense of community.


In Guwahati, weddings are not just ceremonies, they are joyous celebrations of life, love, and culture. Whether it’s the graceful Bihu dance or the energetic Bollywood performances, the magical essence of music and dance adds an extra spark to the entire wedding planning process.


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